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八月份 第 08 課

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  • (2009-08-12)------

  • WTO Upholds US Claim Against China
  • 世貿組織裁決,美國勝中國敗
  •   A WTO panel decided Wednesday that Beijing should revise rules that require U.S. media producers to route their business through Chinese state-owned companies.
  • 世貿組織的一個委員會星期三裁定,北京應修改要求美國媒體生產商經由中國國營公司銷售他們產品的有關規定。

  •   The panel said the rules violate China's WTO obligations.
  • 該委員會說,中國的規定違反了中國入世的承諾。

  •   U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk welcomed the decision Wednesday, two years after the U.S. initiated its claim.
  • 美國貿易代表柯克對世貿組織星期三的決定表示歡迎;美國兩年前向世貿組織提出這項申訴。

  •   In a statement, Kirk called the ruling a significant victory for America's creative industries.
  • 柯克在一份聲明中稱,這是對美國創造性產業的一個重大勝利。

  •   He said it would "level the playing field" for U.S. companies and ensure legitimate U.S. products can get to the Chinese market and beat out pirated goods.
  • 他說,這將為美國公司“創造公平的競爭平臺”,確保合法的美國製品能進入中國市場,擠垮盜版產品。

  •   The ruling affects U.S. exporters and distributors of CDs, DVDs, music downloads and books.
  • 世貿組織的裁定將對美國的 CD、DVD、音樂下載和圖書出口商和分銷商產生影響。


  • (2009-08-12)------

  • British Unemployment Rate Highest Since 1996
  • 英國失業率創下 13 年來的新高
  •   Official data show Britain's unemployment rate has risen to 7.8 percent, the highest rate since 1996.
  • 官方數據顯示英國的失業率已上升到 7.8 %,創下英國自 1996 年以來失業率的新高。

  •   The Office for National Statistics said Wednesday that unemployment hit this level in the three months up to June.
  • 英國國家統計局星期三表示,失業率是從三月到六月這三個月期間上升到這個水準的。

  •   Economists forecast that the situation in Britain will continue to worsen.
  • 經濟學家預測英國的情況將繼續惡化。

  •   The last time the unemployment rate was so high was in 1996, when the Conservative Party was in power.
  • 上一次英國的失業率上升到這個高度是在 1996 年,當時是保守黨執政。

  •   The Labor Party came to power the next year, and still retains control.
  • 工黨在第二年上臺,並且至今仍是執政黨。

  •   Prime Minister Gordon Brown is required to hold general elections by June 2010. The economy is expected to be a major issue.
  • 布朗首相被要求在 2010 年 6 月前舉行大選;預計經濟將是一個主要問題。


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