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四月份 第 11 課

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  • (2013-04-15) ------

  • North Korea Marks Birth of Founder
  • 朝鮮慶祝金日成誕辰
  •   North Koreans are celebrating the 101st anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea.
  • 朝鮮慶祝建國領袖金日成誕辰 101 周年。

  •   On the most important holiday on the North Korean calendar, there was no military parade Monday, and no signs that any large-scale festivities were planned.
  • 金日成誕辰是朝鮮最重要的日子,但星期一沒有舉行軍隊檢閱,也沒有計劃舉行任何大規模慶祝活動的跡像。

  •   Although South Korea was on alert for any provocation to mark the day, the North did not test a ballistic missile or even a short-range rocket, as had been widely anticipated.
  • 韓國處於戒備狀態,准備應對朝鮮方面可能為紀念金日成誕辰而做出的挑釁,但朝鮮沒有像廣泛預料的那樣試射彈道導彈,甚至沒有試射短程火箭。

  •   Concern about the possibility of such tests spread last week when South Korean authorities said they had seen North Korea moving mobile missile launchers on its east coast.
  • 上星期,對朝鮮可能試射導彈的擔憂情緒蔓延,當時韓國當局說,觀察到朝鮮將移動式導彈發射架移至東海岸。

  •   Kim Il Sung died in 1994.
  • 金日成於 1994 年去世。


  • (2013-04-15) ------

  • Kerry Discusses North Korea with Japan Prime Minister
  • 克里與日本首相商討朝鮮問題
  •   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has met in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the last day of a three-nation Asian tour focusing on North Korea.
  • 美國國務卿克里在東京會晤了日本首相安倍晉三,這是克里出訪亞洲三國的最後一天,訪問期間的首要議題是朝鮮問題。

  •   Kerry said Monday that the two had made important advances in cyber-security, climate change and on solidarity with respect to the North Korean threat on the Korean peninsula.
  • 克里星期一說,他和安倍晉三首相在網路安全、氣候改變以及團結一致應對朝鮮半島的平壤威脅等問題上取得了重要進展。

  •   The top U.S. diplomat met with the Japanese leader after telling students at the Tokyo Institute of Technology that the burden is on Pyongyang to take meaningful steps to honor commitments it has already made.
  • 克里在會晤安倍晉三之前,於東京理工學院對學生們說,平壤承擔著責任,要在履行已經做出的承諾方面採取有意義的步驟。

  •   He added that the North must observe laws and the norms of international behavior.
  • 他還表示,朝鮮必須遵守法律和國際行為準則。

  •   After a meeting Sunday with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, Kerry told a news conference that Washington is willing to negotiate with North Korea for a peaceful resolution of tensions on the Korean peninsula if Pyongyang takes steps toward abandoning nuclear weapons.
  • 克里星期天會晤日本外相岸田文雄之後在記者會上說,如果朝鮮邁出放棄核武器的步伐,美國願意與之談判,尋找和平化解朝鮮半島緊張局勢的途徑。

  •   Kerry said Pyongyang has a "clear course of action available to it" and will find a "ready partner" for negotiations in the United States.
  • 克里說,平壤有一條“明確的道路可供選擇”,而且美國將願意與之展開談判。

  •   But, in separate remarks, Kerry said he will have to consult with colleagues in Washington about what specific actions they believe Pyongyang must take.
  • 但在另一次講話中,克里表示,他必須和華盛頓的同僚們商議,以了解他們認為平壤必須採取什麼具體行動。

  •   Kerry also reiterated Washington's commitment to the defense of Japan, a key U.S. ally.
  • 此外,克里重申美國致力於保衛日本的承諾;日本是美國的重要盟國。

  •   North Korea has made repeated threats to attack the United States and its regional allies, including Japan and South Korea.
  • 朝鮮不斷威脅要攻擊美國及其亞洲盟友,包括日本和韓國。

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