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四月份 第 09 課

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  • (2013-04-11) ------

  • HRW: Syrian Forces Unlawfully Attacking Civilians
  • 人權觀察:敘利亞政府軍非法襲擊平民
  •   Human Rights Watch says Syria is carrying out "unlawful" deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians, and is urging the international community to pressure the government to stop.
  • 人權觀察說,敘利亞蓄意對平民進行 “非法” 的、不加區別的襲擊;該組織敦促國際社會向敘利亞政府施加壓力,停止這種行為。

  •   The group released a report Thursday describing 59 air strikes in opposition areas of Aleppo, Idlib and Latakia between August and December last year.
  • 人權觀察星期四發表一份報告,列舉了敘利亞政府軍於去年 8 月至 12 月對反對派控制地區阿勒頗、伊德利蔔以及拉塔基亞發動的 59 次空襲。

  •   Human Rights Watch says those attacks - some hitting bakeries and hospitals killed 152 civilians, and appear to be part of a systematic campaign that amounts to crimes against humanity.
  • 人權觀察說,包括麵包店和醫院的空襲共導致 152 人死亡,看來這種空襲是一個有計劃活動的組成部分,而這種行為等同於反人類罪行。

  •   The report says the air strikes included the use of unguided bombs, fighter jets and high-flying helicopters without the ability to tell the difference between civilians and combatants on the ground.
  • 人權觀察的報告說,這些空襲包括使用了無制導炸彈、戰機以及高空飛行直升機,空襲時無法區別地面上的平民和戰鬥人員。

  •   Additionally, Human Rights Watch says four Syrian Air Force defectors told the group that they lacked the technology to "identify and target specific military objectives in urban areas."
  • 人權觀察還說,四名倒戈的敘利亞空軍軍人對該組織說,他們不具備 “在城市地區確認並打擊特定軍事目標” 的技術。


  • (2013-04-11) ------

  • Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda Recall 3.4 Million Cars for Airbag Flaws
  • 豐田、日產、本田、馬自達將召回存在安全氣囊問題的 340 萬輛車
  •   Four major Japanese automakers are recalling about 3.4 million cars worldwide because of possible airbag problems.
  • 四家主要日本汽車公司將在世界各地召回大約 340 萬汽車,原因是安全氣囊可能存在問題。

  •   Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda said separately Thursday that abnormal inflation of passenger-side airbags was the reason for the recall.
  • 豐田、日產、本田和馬自達星期四分別表示,副駕駛一側的安全氣囊存在充氣不正常問題,因此需要召回。

  •   The companies said the defective airbags, which were made by Japanese auto parts maker Takata Corp, could burst or cause a fire. No injuries or deaths have been reported.
  • 這四家公司說,安全氣囊問題可能導致爆裂或起火。這些安全氣囊是日本汽車配件廠商高田公司製造的;目前還沒有關於人員傷亡的報告。

  •   Honda is recalling 1.1 million vehicles, including the Civic and Odyssey models.
  • 本田將召回 110 萬輛汽車,包括 Civic 和 Odyssey 的車型。

  •   Toyota is recalling 1.7 million vehicles, including the Tundra and the Corolla.
  • 豐田將召回 170 萬輛,包括 Tundra 和 Corolla 的車型。

  •   Nissan says the defective airbags were found in 480,000 cars made in Japan between 2000 and 2004.
  • 日產說,從 2000 年到 2004 年,在日本生產的 48 萬輛日產汽車發現安全氣囊有問題。

  •   Mazda is recalling 45,000 units worldwide.
  • 馬自達將從世界各地召回 4 萬 5 千輛汽車。

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