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四月份 第 17 課

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  • (2013-04-25) ------

  • S.Korea Recalls Japan Ambassador over Visits to War Shrine
  • 韓國召見日駐韓大使 抗議日議員參拜靖國神社
  •   South Korea has summoned Japan's ambassador in Seoul to protest recent visits by Japanese lawmakers and officials to a controversial shrine seen by many as a symbol of Tokyo's colonial past.
  • 韓國召見日本駐首爾大使,抗議日本議員和官員最近參拜引起爭議的靖國神社;靖國神社被很多人認為是東京殖民歷史的象徵。

  •   More than 160 lawmakers paid their respects at the Yasukuni Shrine on Wednesday.
  • 星期三,160 多名議員參拜了靖國神社。

  •   Three government ministers made a similar visit to the Shinto site in Tokyo last week.
  • 上星期,3 名政府部長也參拜了位於東京的靖國神社。

  •   The shrine honors 2.5 million of Japan's war dead, including some convicted war criminals from World War Two.
  • 靖國神社供奉著 250 萬日本戰爭亡靈,包括一些第二次世界大戰期間犯了戰爭罪而被判刑的人。

  •   South Korea and China, which bore the brunt of Japan's pre-war aggression, regularly protest such visits.
  • 在二戰前,韓國和中國就首當其衝遭受日本的侵略,他們經常抗議日本官方參拜靖國神社。

  •   The South's Deputy Foreign Minister said Thursday that Japan's ambassador was recalled in protest about the visits and subsequent comments by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
  • 韓國副外長星期四表示,他們召見了日本駐韓大使,抗議日本議員參拜靖國神社,以及日本首相安倍晉三隨後發表的評論。


  • (2013-04-25) ------

  • 160 Killed in Bangladesh Building Collapse
  • 孟加拉建築坍塌 160 人死亡
  •   The death toll from the collapse of building that housed several garment factories in Bangladesh has jumped to 160 as emergency workers continue to search for survivors.
  • 孟加拉國一幢有幾家製衣廠在內的大樓倒塌,死亡人數已經高達 160 人,與此同時,緊急救援人員繼續在尋找生還者。

  •   About 1,000 people were injured in the accident.
  • 大約有 1 千人在倒塌事件中受傷。

  •   Officials said Thursday that many people remain trapped under the ruins of the building in a suburb of Dhaka.
  • 有關官員星期四說,仍然還有很多人被困陷入在首都達卡郊區這座倒塌大樓的瓦礫堆中。

  •   The building fell Wednesday. Survivors say the collapse happened within minutes.
  • 這座大樓星期三倒塌;幸存者說,大樓在幾分鐘內坍塌。

  •   Police officials say the factory owners appeared to have ignored a warning not to allow their workers into the building after inspectors discovered cracks in it on Tuesday.
  • 警方說,在檢查人員星期二發現大樓出現裂縫後,工廠的老板似乎無視不讓工人進入這座大樓的警告。

  •   Authorities say charges have been filed against the owner of the building and charges are also expected to be filed against the factory owners.
  • 當局說,已經對這座大樓的主人提出指控;預計工廠的老板也將被指控。

  •   In November, a fire at a garment factory killed more than 100 workers, raising an outcry about the nation's garment industry.
  • 去年 11 月,一家製衣廠發生火災,100 多名工人葬身火海,引起人們對孟加拉國製衣行業安全的不滿。

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