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四月份 第 19 課

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  • (2013-04-29) ------

  • Cranes Begin Clearing Bangladesh Building Collapse
  • 吊車開始清理孟加拉倒塌大廈
  •   Workers in Bangladesh have begun using heavy equipment to clear the site of a factory complex outside the capital, Dhaka, where hundreds of people died when the building collapsed Wednesday.
  • 孟加拉國的工人們開始使用重型設備清理上星期三首都達卡外一座工廠大樓坍塌的廢墟;這次倒塌事故造成數百人喪生。

  •   Crews began clearing the wreckage in earnest Monday after days of search-and-rescue efforts with hand tools, and after a fire that ended the likelihood anyone else would turn up alive in the rubble.
  • 星期一,工人開始認真清理廢墟;此前搜救工作靠的是手用的工具,而且災難現場的廢墟發生火災,破滅了任何人可能生還的希望。

  •   At least 380 people known to have perished in the building. The death toll is expected to rise as hundreds of people are believed to be missing.
  • 已知至少有 380 人在大廈內喪生;據信數百人下落不明,死亡人數預計會上升。

  •   Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited the building site on Monday.
  • 孟加拉國總理哈希娜星期一視察了坍塌大樓的現場。

  •   On Sunday, police arrested the owner of the factory complex near the border with India.
  • 星期天警方在孟加拉與印度邊境附近拘捕了該大廈業主拉納。

  •   Mohammed Sohel Rana had been missing since the building's collapse Wednesday.
  • 自從上星期三發生倒塌事故後,他一直下落不明。

  •   Police say Rana and factory managers ignored official warnings for people to evacuate the building after inspectors found cracks in it during an inspection Tuesday.
  • 警方說,在檢查人員星期二發現大樓有裂縫,讓人們從大樓疏散後,拉納和工廠經理卻無視官員的警告。

  •   Rana's arrest came a day after authorities took two plant bosses and two engineers into custody.
  • 在倒塌工廠大廈業主拉納被捕一天前,當局還拘捕了至少兩名工廠業主和另外兩名工程師。

  •   So far, authorities have detained seven people in connection with the collapse.
  • 到目前為止,當局已經逮捕 7 名這次建築倒塌事件的涉案人。


  • (2013-04-29) ------

  • IMF: Asia Will Lead Global Economic Recovery in 2013
  • IMF:亞洲將引領 2013 年的全球經濟復蘇
  •   The International Monetary Fund says the overall Asian economy will lead the global economic recovery in 2013.
  • 國際貨幣基金組織說,整體的亞洲經濟將引領 2013 年的全球經濟復蘇。

  •   In its latest economic outlook, the IMF predicts Asia will grow 5.7 percent this year, largely driven by continued robust domestic demand and low rates of unemployment.
  • 在最新公佈的經濟展望中,國際貨幣基金組織預測,亞洲在很大程度上保持持續的、強勁的內需和低失業率,今年經濟將增長 5.7 %。

  •   The fund says demand from China and Japanese stimulus policies should provide a boost for the region.
  • 國際貨幣基金組織說,來自中國的需求和日本的刺激政策,應當為亞洲地區復蘇提供動力。

  •   But, it says an unexpected slowdown in China and less than ideal results from Japan's stimulus policies could put the expected recovery at risk, as well as trade disruptions from a natural disaster or geopolitical tensions.
  • 但是它說,中國經濟的意外放緩和日本刺激政策效果的不盡人意,以及由於自然災害或地緣政治緊張局勢導致的貿易中斷,可能會使預計的復蘇面臨風險。

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