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十一月份 第 03 課

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  • (2013-11-04)------

  • Defiant Morsi Rejects Trial, Insists He Remains President
  • 穆爾西咆哮公堂 以合法總統自居
  •   Ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has rejected the trial against him that began Monday, insisting that he is the country's "legitimate president."
  • 被推翻的埃及總統穆爾西拒絕接受對他的審判,他堅持稱自己是埃及的 “合法總統”;對穆爾西的審判在星期一開始。

  •   In his first public appearance since the military pushed him from power in July, Mr. Morsi was defiant. The start of the trial was delayed because he refused to dress in the traditional white jumpsuit worn by defendants.
  • 穆爾西在 7 月被軍隊推翻後首次公開露面,他拒不從命;穆爾西不肯穿上被告一向要穿的白色囚服,審判開始的時間因此被推遲。

  •   A judge then adjourned the trial minutes after it began because of protest chants by Mr. Morsi and his co-defendants. It was expected to resume later Monday.
  • 審判開始幾分鐘後,穆爾西及其同案被告又大聲抗議,法官隨後宣佈暫時休庭;預計審判將在同天晚些時候恢復。

  •   The trial is being held at the same Cairo police academy where another ousted leader, Hosni Mubarak, has faced prosecution.
  • 審判地點在開羅警官學院,另一位被推翻的埃及領導人穆巴拉克也在這裡受過審。

  •   Security was heavy outside the venue, where a crowd of Mr. Morsi's supporters gathered to protest what they say in an illegitimate trial.
  • 審判地點外戒備森嚴,穆爾西的支援者聚集在外,抗議他們所說的非法審判。


  • (2013-11-04)------

  • Chinese Nuclear Negotiator Arrives in North Korea
  • 中國出席朝鮮核問題六方會談代表抵達平壤
  •   China's top official for the long-stalled six-party North Korean nuclear talks has arrived in Pyongyang.
  • 參加長期停滯的朝鮮核問題六方會談的中方首席代表抵達平壤。

  •   The North's official Korean Central News Agency says Wu Dawei landed Monday, but did not provide further details.
  • 朝鮮官方的朝中社報導說,武大偉星期一抵達平壤,但沒有提供細節。

  •   China, which is North Korea's closest ally, has begun to express impatience with Pyongyang, and agreed to a tightening of U.N. sanctions following a North Korean nuclear test this year.
  • 中國雖是朝鮮最親密的盟友但也開始對平壤表示不耐煩,並在朝鮮今年進行核子試驗之後同意聯合國加強制裁。

  •   Wu's trip follows his talks with U.S. officials in Washington last week.
  • 武大偉上週在華盛頓與美國官員舉行了會談。

  •   The visit also comes as the U.S. is preparing to host South Korean and Japanese officials for talks Wednesday on North Korea's nuclear program.
  • 與此同時,美國也準備在星期三與日本和南韓官員討論朝鮮核項目問題。

  •   North Korea, which pulled out of six party-talks in 2009, has called for their resumption with no preconditions.
  • 朝鮮 2009 年宣佈退出六方會談,但最近要求無條件恢復六方會談。

  •   Washington says North Korea needs to show it is serious about abandoning its pursuit of nuclear weapons before the United States will resume negotiations.
  • 華盛頓說,朝鮮必須顯示他們對於放棄發展核武器是認真的,否則美國不會同意恢復六方會談。

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