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十一月份 第 11 課

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  • (2013-11-14)------

  • Typhoon-hit Philippine Town Buries Dead in Mass Graves
  • 颱風蹂躪的菲律賓城鎮在亂葬崗掩埋遇難者屍體
  •   A central Philippines town has begun burying dozens of its dead in mass graves, as increasingly desperate survivors of Typhoon Haiyan waited for emergency relief supplies to arrive.
  • 菲律賓中部城市塔克洛班開始在亂葬崗掩埋死於颱風 “海燕” 的數十名死難者屍體,與此同時,災民們越來越感到絕望,他們等待著運抵災區的救援物資。

  •   The death toll from last Friday's storm now stands at 2,357, though the body count was certain to rise.
  • 截至星期五晚間,已經證實的菲律賓風災死亡人數為 2357 人,而這一數字肯定還會上升。

  •   In the worst-hit city of Tacloban, many rotting corpses still lay in the street or buried beneath debris.
  • 在災情最重的塔克洛班,很多腐爛的屍體仍在街頭,或被掩埋在瓦礫堆下。

  •   Some of the cadavers were lowered Thursday into a large pit outside just outside the city. There was no official ceremony and it is not clear whether all of the bodies had been identified.
  • 星期四,一些屍體被放入城外的一個大坑,沒有舉行正式儀式,也不清楚是否已對所有屍體進行辨認。

  •   Meanwhile, food, water and other basic necessities were in short supply for many of the hundreds of thousands displaced. Some have turned to looting to survive.
  • 與此同時,在數十萬無家可歸者當中,很多人得不到足夠的食物、水和其他基本生活用品;一些人依靠搶劫度日。

  •   One survivor said he has not received any help, six days after the storm.
  • 一名災民說,在風災過後的六天中,他沒有得到任何幫助。

  •   U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos, who visited Tacloban Wednesday, said she is "extremely distressed" that the aid has not reached everyone in need, acknowledging "we have let people down."
  • 聯合國人道救援事務主管阿莫斯星期三視察了塔克洛班;阿莫斯表示,她對救援物資不能送到每個災民手中感到 “極度沮喪”,並承認 “我們讓人們失望了”。

  •   Although the amount of aid material shipped to affected areas has steadily increased, much of it has sat unused at airports or other areas because of a lack of fuel and because roads are still blocked by debris.
  • 儘管送抵災區的救援物資正在穩定增多,由於缺少燃料以及道路被瓦礫堵塞,很多物資滯留在機場或其他地區。

  •   The situation figures to improve later Thursday with the arrival of the USS George Washington aircraft carrier and several other U.S. ships, which are carrying airplanes and helicopters that can be used to reach the most remote areas.
  • 美國航空母艦 “喬治‧華盛頓號” 和其他幾艘美國海軍艦隻駛抵災區附近海域後,情況在星期四晚些時候有所改善;美國的艦載飛機和直升機可以向最偏遠地區運送救災物資。


  • (2013-11-14)------

  • The U.S. Health Secretary: 100,000 Sign Up for Obamacare Plans in October
  • 美國衛生部長:10 月有 10 萬人加入歐巴馬醫保計劃
  •   The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says more than 100,000 Americans have chosen new health care plans through the so-called Obamacare program that opened for business October 1.
  • 美國衛生部說,10 萬美國人已經通過新醫保法選擇了新的醫保計劃;新醫保法從 10 月 1 日開放醫保市場。

  •   Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday that as of early this month, 106,185 people had either purchased new health care plans or chosen new plans without yet paying for them.
  • 美國衛生部長西貝利厄斯星期三說,有 106185 人或已購買新醫保計劃,或已選定新醫保計劃,但尚未付費。

  •   This is barely one-fifth of the nearly 500,000 people administration officials had projected would sign up in the first month of President Barack Obama's signature health care program.
  • 美國政府官員曾經預計,在歐巴馬總統的新醫保方案實施的頭一個月內,會有將近 50 萬人加入新醫保計劃,而目前的投保人數只是這個數目的五分之一。

  •   White House Press Secretary Jay Carney acknowledged Wednesday that the numbers fell well below expectations.
  • 白宮新聞秘書卡尼星期三承認,目前的投保人數遠遠少於預期。

  •   Administration officials are hoping that several million people will sign up for plans before the March 31 registration deadline.
  • 美國政府官員希望,在明年 3 月 1 日的登記最後期限之前,登記投保人數將達數百萬。

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