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十一月份 第 16 課

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  • (2013-11-21)------

  • Report: China "Challenging US Military Preeminence in Asia"
  • 報告:中國 “挑戰美國在亞太的軍事優勢地位”
  •   A U.S. congressional panel says China's rapidly modernizing military is "altering the security balance in the Asia Pacific and challenging decades of U.S. military preeminence in the region."
  • 一個美國國會委員會說,中國軍事的迅速現代化 “打破了亞太地區的安全平衡狀態,並對美國幾十年來在該地區的軍事優勢地位構成挑戰”。

  •   The warning was given Wednesday in a wide-ranging annual report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which advises U.S. lawmakers on Beijing-related policy.
  • 美中經濟及安全審議委員會星期三發表了一份範圍廣泛的年度報告,其中提出這一警告;該委員會負責向美國國會議員們提出有關北京政策的建議。

  •   The report also accused the Chinese government of "directing and executing a large-scale cyber espionage campaign against the United States."
  • 這份報告還指責中國政府 “指導和實施對美國的大規模網路間諜行動”。

  •   It said sanctions may be necessary to help deter the spying.
  • 報告說,為了遏制這種間諜行動,或許有必要實行制裁。

  •   China has not responded to the allegations.
  • 中國還沒有對有關指稱做出回應。

  •   Last year, Beijing's foreign ministry condemned the panel's report for having what it called a "Cold War" attitude.
  • 去年,中國外交部指責美中經濟及安全審議委員會的報告帶有它所稱的 “冷戰” 立場。


  • (2013-11-21)------

  • Karzai Urges Support for US-Afghan Security Pact
  • 卡爾扎伊敦促支援美阿安全協議
  •   Afghan President Hamid Karzai has urged a gathering of Afghan elders to approve a security agreement with the United States, saying the deal would allow 10,000 to 15,000 foreign troops to remain in Afghanistan after the NATO pullout next year.
  • 阿富汗總統卡爾扎伊敦促阿富汗長老會議批准與美國的安全協定;他說,協定將允許 1 萬到 1 萬 5 千名外國軍隊在北約明年撤軍之後繼續留在阿富汗。

  •   A draft text of the agreement posted online by the Afghan government said U.S. troops would only enter Afghan homes in exceptional cases -- a point of contention in nearly a year of negotiations on the agreement.
  • 阿富汗政府在網上公佈的安全協定的草案說,美國軍隊只有在特殊情況下才會進入阿富汗人的住宅;這一點在美阿舉行了近一年的談判中引起爭論。

  •   Hours before the meeting, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the two sides had agreed on the final text of the bilateral security pact.
  • 美國國務卿克里在會議開幕前幾個小時宣佈,美國和阿富汗已就雙邊安全協定的最後文本達成一致。

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