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十一月份 第 17 課

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  • (2013-11-22)------

  • Obama Proclaims Day of Remembrance for JFK
  • 歐巴馬通告週五全國紀念甘迺迪
  •   President Barack Obama has ordered flags across the United States to fly at half staff to honor President John F. Kennedy -- assassinated 50 years ago Friday.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬下令星期五全國下半旗,向 50 年前遭到暗殺的甘迺迪總統致敬。

  •   Mr. Obama called his revered predecessor an "extraordinary public servant" who had broad vision and sober idealism.
  • 歐巴馬說,這位深受尊敬的前總統是一位 “傑出的公僕”,他具有廣闊的視野和清醒的理想主義。

  •   Mr. Obama laid a wreath at President Kennedy's grave at Arlington National Cemetery on Wednesday.
  • 星期三,歐巴馬在阿靈頓國家公墓向甘迺迪總統墓地獻花圈。

  •   Church bells will ring in Dallas, Texas -- the southwestern city where President Kennedy was gunned down.
  • 德州達拉斯市的教堂鐘聲將為紀念甘迺迪總統而響起;甘迺迪總統當年就是在這座美國西南部的城市遭到暗殺。

  •   There will also be moments of silence and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough will read from some of Mr. Kennedy's speeches.
  • 人們還將默哀,普利策獎得主、歷史學家麥卡洛將朗誦甘迺迪總統的一些演講片段。


  • (2013-11-22)------

  • Iran, World Powers Enter Crucial Third Day of Nuclear Talks
  • 伊朗與世界大國的核談判進入關鍵的第三天
  •   Iran and six world powers enter a crucial third day of talks Friday in Geneva, where they will try to close gaps on an interim deal that would curb Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.
  • 星期五,伊朗和世界六強國在日內瓦進入至關重要的第三天核談判,爭取就一項臨時協議消除雙方之間的分歧,該協議將規定德黑蘭對其核項目加以限制,以換取國際社會放鬆制裁。

  •   Diplomats from both sides reported progress following Thursday's meeting, but said substantial disagreements remain.
  • 星期四舉行會談後,雙方的外交官們都表示取得了進展,但同時指出仍然存在實質性分歧。

  •   A key sticking point appears to be to what extent Iran will be allowed to enrich uranium. Another is how much the sanctions will be relaxed.
  • 看來一個關鍵問題是允許伊朗從事鈾濃縮活動的限度,另一個關鍵問題是放鬆制裁的程度。

  •   Under discussion is a first-phase agreement meant to build trust while the two sides work out a more comprehensive deal that would ease Western concerns about Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons.
  • 目前雙方討論的是第一階段的協議,這項協議的目的是使雙方在擬定一項更廣泛協議的過程中建立相互信任,以緩和西方國家對伊朗製造核武器能力的擔憂。

  •   Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said Thursday his country will not agree to suspend uranium enrichment.
  • 伊朗副外長阿拉克奇星期四說,伊朗不會同意中止鈾濃縮活動。

  •   Tehran denies it wants to build a nuclear weapon. It has offered to suspend parts of its nuclear program and agreed to tighter inspections if the West relaxes sanctions that have devastated its economy.
  • 德黑蘭否認伊朗意圖製造核武器。伊朗提出,如果西方國家放鬆制裁,伊朗願意中止其中一部份核項目,並同意對其設施加強檢查。

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