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十一月份 第 18 課

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  • (2013-11-25)------

  • Criticism Escalates Over China's New Airspace Defense Rules
  • 中國防空新規定受到的批評加劇
  •   Japan's prime minister has called China's declaration of an air defense identification zone that includes the area above disputed islands a dangerous move that could cause serious problems.
  • 日本首相安倍晉三說,中國宣佈設立的防空識別區包括有爭議島嶼空域,這是危險的舉動,可能導致嚴重問題。

  •   Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a session of parliament Monday that the air defense zone is not enforceable.
  • 安倍晉三在日本國會星期一召開的會議上說,中國的防空識別區是不可實施的。

  •   He added that the measures have no validity whatsoever in Japan and should be revoked.
  • 他還表示,這一舉措在所有日本空域都不具有效性,而且應當取消。

  •   China announced Saturday new rules that require all aircraft in the zone to identify themselves and obey all commands from Beijing.
  • 中國星期日宣佈新規定,要求所有進入防空識別區的飛機說明身份,並應服從北京的指揮。

  •   China has so far rejected criticism from the U.S. and Japan on Beijing's imposition of the rules.
  • 中國已經拒絕接受美國和日本針對北京宣佈設立防空識別區所提出的批評。

  •   China's Defense Ministry said Monday that criticism was unfounded and irresponsible. The ministry said it is within the country's rights to set up an air defense zone in the area.
  • 中國國防部星期一說,這些批評是沒有根據和不負責任的,並說設立防空識別區屬於中國的許可權。

  •   Japan filed a formal protest on Saturday, criticizing China for escalating bilateral tensions over the Senkaku islands, called the Daioyus in China.
  • 日本星期日向中國正式提出抗議,指責中國使圍繞有爭議島嶼的日中緊張局勢升級;日本和中國分別將這些島嶼稱為 “尖閣諸島” 和 “釣魚島”。


  • (2013-11-25)------

  • Qatar, Kuwait Praise Iran Nuclear Deal
  • 卡達、科威特讚揚伊朗核協議
  •   Qatar and Kuwait have joined the nations praising the nuclear agreement struck between Iran and a group of world powers, while Israel is criticizing the pact.
  • 卡達、科威特與其他一些國家一起讚揚伊朗和世界六強國達成一項有關伊朗核項目的協議,而以色列則對這項協議持批評態度。

  •   The deal reached in Geneva early Sunday calls for Iran to limit its enrichment of uranium and freeze reactor construction.
  • 星期日早晨在日內瓦達成的這項協議規定,伊朗限制其鈾濃縮活動並凍結反應爐興建工程。

  •   In return, the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany agreed to ease some international sanctions on Iran's economy.
  • 做為交換,聯合國五個常任理事國和德國同意放鬆對伊朗經濟的一些國際制裁。

  •   Qatar's foreign ministry welcomed the deal in a statement late Sunday, characterizing it as a step toward ensuring peace and security in the region.
  • 卡達外交部星期日晚間發表聲明,對這項協議表示歡迎,稱簽訂協議是朝著確保該地區和平與穩定邁出的一步。

  •   Qatar also called for making the Middle East a "nuclear-weapon-free zone."
  • 卡達還呼籲把中東變為 “無核區”。

  •   Kuwait also welcomed the agreement, with Foreign Undersecretary Khaled Al-Jarallah telling the state-run KUNA news agency that he hoped it would lead to a permanent deal to defuse tension and ensure regional security.
  • 科威特也對這項協議表示歡迎;科威特副外長賈拉拉赫對科威特國家通訊社說,他希望這項協議將導向一項永久性協議,從而緩解緊張局勢,確保地區安全。

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