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十一月份 第 14 課

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  • (2013-11-19)------

  • UN: More Typhoon Survivors Need Food Aid in Philippines
  • 聯合國:數十萬菲律賓災民急需食品救援
  •   The United Nations says it has yet to reach nearly a quarter of those in need of emergency food aid, 11 days after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central Philippines.
  • 聯合國說,在颱風 “海燕” 侵襲菲律賓中部 11 天之後,仍有將近四分之一的災民沒有得到急需的食物。

  •   The World Food Program (WFP) said Tuesday it has so far reached 1.9 million people out of the estimated 2.5 million Filipinos in need of assistance.
  • 世界糧食計劃署星期二說,估計菲律賓有 250 萬急需救援的災民,目前該機構只能把救援物資送到 190 萬災民手中。

  •   WFP executive director Ertharin Cousin told reporters in Manila her agency is not overwhelmed, but faces several logistical challenges in reaching remote areas.
  • 世界糧食計劃署執行總幹事庫辛在馬尼拉對記者說,該機構並未被困難壓倒,但在努力進入偏遠地區時面臨後勤方面的挑戰。


  • (2013-11-19)------

  • Blasts Kill 7 Near Iranian Embassy in Lebanon
  • 伊朗駐黎巴嫩使館附近發生爆炸七人喪生
  •   Two explosions near the Iranian embassy in Lebanon's capital have killed at least seven people.
  • 伊朗駐黎巴嫩大使館附近發生兩起爆炸,造成至少七人死亡。

  •   The blasts Tuesday in southern Beirut caused extensive damage to buildings in the area, including the embassy compound.
  • 星期二的爆炸發生在黎巴嫩首都貝魯特南部城區,大片建築被損壞,包括伊朗大使館的建築。

  •   Lebanese television broadcast images of a line of flaming and charred vehicles along with piles of debris in the street.
  • 黎巴嫩電視臺播放了燃燒中的被炸毀的汽車以及街邊瓦礫的畫面。

  •   There were conflicting reports about the cause of the explosions, ranging from rockets to car bombs.
  • 對爆炸起因的報導相互矛盾,有的說是火箭襲擊,有的說是汽車炸彈。

  •   The site is located in a neighborhood that is a stronghold of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.
  • 爆炸發生地點是黎巴嫩激進組織真主黨的一個據點。

  •   The group has been helping to fight rebels in neighboring Syria, which is one of its main backers along with Iran.
  • 真主黨一直在幫助鄰國敘利亞與反叛武裝作戰;敘利亞和伊朗是真主黨的主要支援者。

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