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十一月份 第 20 課

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  • (2013-11-28)------

  • Panama: North Korea Ship Can Leave, But Status of Crew Uncertain
  • 巴拿馬:放行朝鮮貨船,船員命運待定
  •   A Panamanian prosecutor says a North Korean ship detained for allegedly smuggling Cuban weapons is free to go, but says no decision has been made about the 35 crew members, contrary to earlier reports.
  • 一名巴拿馬檢察官說,因被指私運古巴軍火而被扣留的一艘朝鮮貨船可以離開巴拿馬,但表示尚未決定如何處置 35 名船員;早些時候媒體對此有過不同的報導。

  •   Prosecutor Nahaniel Murgas told reporters late Wednesday that his office has an application requesting a series of measures in regard to the crew members, but no decisions yet.
  • 檢察官穆爾加斯星期三晚間對記者說,他的辦公室收到一系列有關如何處置朝鮮船隻上的船員的訴求,但目前尚未做出決定。

  •   Murgas said the North Korean vessel is free to go, but may not leave the country without paying penalty fines owed to the Panama Canal Authority.
  • 穆爾加斯說,這艘朝鮮船隻可以離開,但可能必須首先向巴拿馬運河管理局繳納罰款,然後才能離境。

  •   Earlier Wednesday Murgas had said only the ship's captain, first mate, and a Korean official on board, would be held to face charges of arms trafficking.
  • 穆爾加斯星期三早些時候曾表示,只有這艘船的船長、大副和船上一名朝鮮官員將被指控私運軍火。


  • (2013-11-28)------

  • Thai PM Survives No-confidence Vote
  • 泰國總理英拉保住職位
  •   Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has easily survived a no-confidence vote in parliament, where her party controls the majority of seats.
  • 泰國總理英拉輕鬆通過了議會的不信任投票,她的政黨控制著議會多數席位。

  •   Lawmakers in Bangkok voted 297 to 134 Thursday against a measure that would have unseated her because of allegations of corruption.
  • 星期四在曼谷舉行的表決中,泰國議會以 297 票對 134 票否決了根據腐敗指稱罷免英拉總理職務的動議。

  •   Meanwhile, opposition protesters expanded their demonstrations across the capital Wednesday, vowing to take over every government ministry until Prime Minister Yingluck resigns.
  • 與此同時,泰國反對派星期三擴大了示威活動的規模,並誓言要佔領所有政府部級機構,直至英拉總理辭職。

  •   The protesters have already taken over parts of the finance and foreign ministries and surrounded the interior ministry.
  • 抗議者已經佔領了財政部和外交部的部份辦公區,並包圍了內政部大樓。

  •   Prime Minister Yingluck has refused to step down and has called for dialogue to resolve the situation.
  • 英拉拒絕辭職,並呼籲以對話方式解決分歧。

  •   She has vowed not to use violence to stop the protests.
  • 她誓言不以武力手段制止抗議活動。

  •   The street protests are the largest in Thailand since 2010, when more than 90 people were killed in a military crackdown on an opposition protest.
  • 這是自 2010 年以來最大規模的街頭抗議;2010 年,反對派抗議遭到軍隊鎮壓,造成 90 多人死亡。

  •   The latest protests were triggered several weeks ago by an amnesty bill that would have allowed former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Mrs. Yingluck's brother, to return home and avoid a two-year jail term for corruption.
  • 幾星期前,一項特赦法案允許英拉的哥哥、前總理他信回國,並免除他因腐敗罪被判處的兩年刑期;這項法案引發了抗議活動。

  •   That amnesty bill was rejected by the Senate, but opposition-led protests have continued.
  • 泰國參議院否決了這項法案,但反對派領導的抗議活動仍在繼續。

  •   Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra came to power in 2011. Thaksin, was toppled by street protests in 2006 and convicted of corruption.
  • 英拉於 2011 年出任泰國總理;2006 年的街頭抗議導致他信下臺,他被判定犯有腐敗罪。

  •   He has lived in exile to escape the charges, which he says were politically motivated.
  • 他信隨後流亡國外,以避免服刑;他表示,對他的控告是出於政治動機。

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