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十一月份 第 05 課

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  • (2013-11-06)------

  • Blasts Outside Communist Party Office in Shanxi Kills 1 Wound 8
  • 山西省委所在地附近發生爆炸 一死八傷
  •   Chinese state media say a series of small explosions went off early Wednesday outside the Shanxi Provincial Committee office in Taiyuan, killing one person and injured eight others.
  • 中國國家媒體說,位於山西省太原市的山西省委所在地附近星期三早上發生一系列小型爆炸,造成一人死亡,八人受傷。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency says ball bearings and nails were found scattered at the scene, leading Xinhua to report the blasts were caused by "self-made bombs."
  • 中國官方的新華社說,在爆炸現場發現了散落地上的滾珠和釘子,據信是自製炸彈爆炸。

  •   Such materials are often used to help maximize damage to passersby.
  • 滾珠和釘子常用於自製炸彈,目的是儘量增大對過往人群的殺傷力。

  •   One witness told Xinhua he was waiting on a traffic light in front the building when saw a minivan explode.
  • 一名目擊者對新華社說,他當時在現場附近等紅綠燈,看到一輛小麵包車爆炸。

  •   Others reported hearing as many as seven blasts.
  • 有些人報告說,聽到七次爆炸聲。

  •   Pictures on social media showed multiple vehicles with minor damage, such as windows blown out.
  • 社交網站上的畫面顯示,幾輛汽車受到輕微損壞,如車窗玻璃被炸碎。

  •   Police have sealed off the area. There is no word on motive.
  • 警方封鎖了現場;目前沒有關於肇事動機的消息。

  •   The incident comes just over a week after a deadly car crash and explosion in Tiananmen Square that Beijing has blamed on Muslim separatists.
  • 一個多星期前,天安門廣場發生致命撞車爆炸事件,北京當局認為是穆斯林分離主義分子所為。


  • (2013-11-06)------

  • Netanyahu Hopes Kerry Can Steer Talks Toward Peace
  • 內塔尼亞胡希望克里能推動實現以巴和平
  •   Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he wants peace with the Palestinians, and hopes visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry can return negotiations to a place where a "historical" agreement can be achieved.
  • 以色列總理內塔尼亞胡表示,他願與巴勒斯坦實現和平,並希望到訪的美國國務卿克里能夠推動談判,以達成一項 “歷史性” 協議。

  •   Mr. Netanyahu and Kerry opened a meeting Wednesday in Jerusalem. The Israeli leader voiced reservations about the three-month-old peace talks.
  • 星期三,內塔尼亞胡與克里在耶路撒冷開始舉行會談;內塔尼亞胡對三個月來的和談表現出保留態度。

  •   Kerry, who is also meeting Wednesday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said there are always "difficulties" and "tensions" within negotiations.
  • 克里星期三還將會見巴勒斯坦民族權力機構主席阿巴斯;他說,談判中總會存在 “困難” 與 “緊張狀態”。

  •   But that he is confident the parties can work through them.
  • 但他確信有關各方可以克服這些障礙。

  •   He said both the Israelis and Palestinians need to make compromises and hard decisions to achieve their goal.
  • 他(克里) 表示,以巴雙方要想達到目標,就需要做出妥協和困難的決定。

  •   He also addressed Mr. Netanyahu's concern that world powers may negotiate an agreement with Iran that would decrease sanctions in return for anything less than the full dismantling of its nuclear enrichment capability.
  • 克里還談及內塔尼亞胡的擔憂,即世界各強國可能通過談判與伊朗達成一項協議,在伊朗不全部放棄其鈾濃縮能力的情況下減輕對伊朗的制裁。

  •   The United States and its Western allies suspect Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
  • 美國及其西方盟國懷疑伊朗正在研製核武器。

  •   Iran has denied the charge, saying its nuclear program is designed for peaceful purposes.
  • 伊朗對此予以否認,聲稱其核項目是為了和平目的。

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